Getting Organized with the Blazy Susan

Getting Organized with the Blazy Susan

Getting Organized with the Blazy Susan

You know what I hate? I hate having to look all over the house for something I need. The bong is downstairs, weed is upstairs, and God knows where the hell my lighter went. Concentrates are on the kitchen counter, dab straw is bedside, and the torch is under the couch. It never fails… UGH! Thanks to the folks over at Blazy Susan – I finally have a place to hold everything I need, all in one place. There’s never any question as to where our tools are… because they’re always on the Blazy Susan!

Disclosure: The products pictured in this video were sent to me by the PR Agency representing Blazy Susan. I do not promise coverage for products, nor do I take any monetary compensation for the content I produce. I choose the products to share based on how well they work for me. I only share the products that I feel are worthy of resharing with my elevated audience.

I am not affiliated with Blazy Susan and do not make any money from the company in any way.

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Getting Organized with the Blazy Susan

You know what I hate? I hate having to look all over the house for something I need. The bong is downstairs, weed is upstairs, and God knows where the hell my lighter went. Concentrates are on the kitchen counter, dab straw is bedside, and the torch is under the...

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Marrying Elegance & Engineering: The Stündenglass Gravity Hookah

Marrying Elegance & Engineering: The Stündenglass Gravity Hookah

There’s an age-old joke in the world of cannabis consumption that says when you give a group of potheads some marijuana with nothing to smoke it with, they’ll turn into engineers. But what happens when you give a bunch of engineers some pot?

You get the next generation of cannabis consumption technology.

Now, I have always been a fan of GPen devices; I’ve reviewed the GPen Connect. I’ve used PuffCo, I’ve tried Dr. Dabber, I’ve tried off-brand e-nails and several sub-par wax pens and battery-operated dab straws. Most of them are sitting in an empty drawer in my desk, a virtual graveyard for technology that didn’t deliver.

A couple of months ago, as a podcast host of “A Tech Moment” on Cannabis Tech, I had the opportunity to interview B-Real, frontman for Cypress Hill and visionary behind the Dr. Greenthumb, California cannabis company.

An heirloom device, built with quality, design with elegance, the Stündenglass Gravity Hookah is the last bong you’ll ever need to buy.

As a perk for lining up that interview, Grenco Science, makers of GPen and the Stündenglass, sent over a care package of Dr. Greenthumb branded GPen devices.

And let’s just say – my mind was blown.

Good-Bye Cheesy Gravity Bong

Most old-school cannabis consumers have a story they tell about the gravity bong they built with nothing more than a bucket of water and a plastic bottle. The entire concept behind these contraptions is that the water does the hard work – all the smoker needs to do is light the bowl, slowly lift the bottle, and the suction created by gravity and the void in the bottle draws the smoke. Cooled by the water, gravity bong hits are smooth and generally quite powerful.

However, unless you’re still living in your mom’s basement or at a nearby frat house, no one wants to have an old trash can and an empty 2-liter of Pepsi sitting in their living room.

Allow me to introduce… the Stündenglass Gravity Hookah. As seen on several celebrity podcasts, including Seth Rogan, Wiz Khalifa, and B-Real, this device blows every other cannabis-consuming device out the window. Although a little on the pricey side, there is nothing about this feat of cannabis engineering that disappoints.


The Stündenglass Gravity Hookah – The Specs

So before we talk about how it works, let’s talk about the overall design and how it ships. The Stündenglass Gravity Hookah ships in a specially designed case that fits all the little pieces and parts. I won’t lie; when I unboxed this bad boy – I was a little intimidated. This is the first bong I’ve ever owned that actually came with a schematic.

Fortunately, the Stündenglass ships with everything you need – just in case. Not only do they send the schematic that shows you how it all goes together, but they also send all the little O-rings, plastic pieces, and things that ‘could’ go bad over time. The device is mostly assembled; all you have to do is put the major pieces together and add water.

Assembly is quick and painless. All of the pieces and parts are either threaded and screw into place or – in true Grenco fashion – they are magnetic, so they simply snap into place.

Grenco science

Get ready to impress everyone.

Versatility is the Name of the Game

One of the biggest benefits of the Stündenglass is its ability to smoke just about anything. In the box, the device ships with a glass bowl for smoking cannabis flower and a sheesha bowl that allows consumers to smoke tobacco – if you genuinely want to use it as a hookah. If you are a concentrates consumer, then you’ll have to spend a little more money to order the GPen Connect but believe me when I say – you won’t be disappointed, it’s worth it.

Made out of anodized metal with a 10-year warranty, the Stündenglass is an heirloom device that brings elegance and sophistication to cannabis consumption. You will want to keep this gravity bong on display, but be prepared to answer, “Oh my God – what is THAT?!” every time someone new walks into your house.

Then you can really blow their minds…

The Design and How it Works

When I saw how the Stündenglass works, I immediately thought, “Wow, the design IS the technology!” Per their website, the 360-degree rotatable mechanism “uses kinetic motion activation, cascading water and opposing airflow technology to deliver the most powerful and unique smoking experience.”

In other words, after lighting the bowl, or activating the Connect, when you rotate the globes, gravity pulls the water through the percolators into the lower globe. The rotation allows air to pull the smoke or vapor into the upper globe. Rotate it one more time, and the airflow forces the smoke collected in the globes through the up-stem, through the hose, and right to your mouth.

Because the device does the draw for you, the consumer can control just how much they inhale. By holding your lips away from the end of the mouthpiece, you can take as much or as little of the vapor/smoke as you want. On the flip-side, if your goal is to get wrecked, put your lips on the mouthpiece and breathe in deeply to take in all the vapor.

Be aware, during my conversation with B-Real – Dr. Greenthumb himself called the Stündenglass “The Devastator.” In fact, he said, “If you want to test your level of ‘stoner’ – this is the device that will do it.”

Please… Drink the Bong Water

While most people are learning about the Stündenglass from celebrity podcasts, I learned about the device when a PR rep sent me a video of a mixologist using the Stündenglass. In the video, he “smoked” alcoholic beverages by burning wood chips through the globes.

Immediately, my mind started racing – what if we could infuse mixed drinks with cannabinoids using the Stündenglass? So, during our annual 4/20 week celebration, we put the Stündenglass to the test with “Smoked Margaritas.” Let me tell you – we were all impressed.

Rather than filling the globe with water – we filled it with margarita mix, tequila, and triple sec. Then, using a high-quality Clementine Live Resin – we used the GPen Connect to do a few dabs. Each hit and each rotation of the globes, the vapor from the Clementine filtered through the alcohol.

Now let’s think about this from a physics perspective. Essentially, you’re taking a solid (the extract), heating it to a vapor (using the GPen), then cold-filtering the vapor through a blend of alcohol where it re-condenses. Once everyone has had their dab, remove the globe, pour the thoroughly blended margaritas on ice and watch your guests light up when they realize what just happened.

What’s the result? You end up with dabs that taste like margarita and cannabis-infused, drinkable ‘bong water.’ Our test used high-terp, Clementine resin – the orangey, sweet flavor came through in the blend, and you could actually taste the cannabis in the glass. Not only that, but you could also feel the wax on your lips as you drank.

We quite literally smoked our Margaritas and drank our weed.

Mind. Blown.

The Bong You’ll Love to Clean

As a well-versed cannabis consumer, the first thing I think about when we shop for a new bong is – “How easy is it to clean?” I know that if it’s hard to clean or a pain-in-the-ass to take apart – it’s not going to happen very often. Nobody wants to smoke from a grungy bong. Eww.

While I feel like you’re going to think I’m just trying to play up the device, so you’ll buy one – I can honestly say, I look forward to cleaning my Stündenglass. This is quite simply the easiest device to clean that I’ve ever reviewed. As I mentioned earlier, everything either screws together or snaps into place with a magnet, so taking it apart is super simple.

I use a 9 x 9 glass baking dish; put all the stems, percolators, and removable pieces in the dish and cover the items with isopropyl. While they soak, I use a cotton swab and alcohol to clean the mechanism in the Stündenglass. Then, I use a little more alcohol and a paper towel to wipe out the globes.

*Pro Tip: Rather than using massive amounts of alcohol, after I clean all the individual stems and pieces, I will use the alcohol in the baking dish to rinse the globes. Then, rather than simply dump it, I will use a funnel and pour the alcohol into a container I have labeled as “dirty.” Now, obviously, you won’t want to use this to disinfect anything – but it can indeed be reused to clean your pipes and other smoking accessories.

Very Few Drawbacks

The Stündenglass is versatile, well-built, and above-average in the design and functionality department. But, like all things – there are a few areas to note when you’re considering making a substantial purchase like this.

  • The Price – Ok, I get it – not everyone has an extra $600 laying around to buy a cannabis smoking device. It is an investment, no matter how you look at it. I’ll be the first to say that had Grenco Science not sent me the device, I probably wouldn’t have bought it. But now that I have it – I won’t give it up, and I would likely replace it if something happened to it.
  • The Reclaim – This is my only complaint about the GPen Connect. When smoking concentrates, the reclaim drains from the device and into whatever device you’re using. In this case, the reclaim pools in the channel and, so if you’re using it regularly, plan to clean it out no less than once a week, or the entire thing will get gummed up.
  • The Hose – I do not recommend using the hose with any kind of ‘smoke.’ The vapor from dabs is fine, but smoke tends to adhere to the hose and leave a nasty smell and flavor. If you plan on smoking flower or tobacco, I recommend removing the hose and simply inhaling right from the up-stem.

The Long and Short of It

The pros far outweigh the cons of this device. Although it’s a significant investment, this device will likely last you a lifetime. Sure, you may need to replace a few pieces here and there, but the simplicity of the design and the versatility of functionality make it well worth the price.

Don’t want to spend the money without trying it first? Book your Colorado cannabis vacation at SKOL Ranch today, and come try ours!

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Getting Organized with the Blazy Susan

You know what I hate? I hate having to look all over the house for something I need. The bong is downstairs, weed is upstairs, and God knows where the hell my lighter went. Concentrates are on the kitchen counter, dab straw is bedside, and the torch is under the...

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Low-THC Cannabis: A New Twist on Hemp

Low-THC Cannabis: A New Twist on Hemp

Low-THC Cannabis: A New Twist on Hemp

Written by ketter74

February 4, 2021

Without question, the 2018 Farm Bill opened up a world of opportunity for the farming industry with the legalization of hemp. Suddenly, hemp became the trend and was being added to everything under the sun, including foods, beverages, cosmetics, and even bedsheets. CBD became an instant sensation, as producers carefully labeled their products “hemp-derived,” separate themselves from its controversial cousin, cannabis.

Cannaflower is hemp by legal definition, the way it is grown, harvested, and marketed makes it more akin to cannabis.

Taking a completely different strategy, one hemp producer, Cannaflower, is leaning into, and aligning itself with, the more infamous herb. With consumer education at the core of their mission, CEO and co-founder Will Treinens hopes to blaze a new path with smokable, low-THC cannabis.

I recently sat down with Will for an interview to discuss their approach and the impact it has on cannabis stigmas, and here’s what I learned.

What’s the Difference Between High-CBD Hemp and Low-THC Cannabis?

In a word, NOTHING.

Hemp is cannabis — by scientific classification. The standards of THC potency are imposed by governments, not Mother Nature. So, although Cannaflower is hemp by legal definition, the way it is grown, harvested, and marketed makes it more akin to cannabis.

The variants in the cultivars allow professional breeders to perfect characteristics, no differently than Pioneer DuPont worked for decades to perfect corn genetics. Stabilizing the genetics of a plant takes years of selective breeding. While the recreational cannabis market is working to produce higher and higher THC content, low-THC producing cannabis cultivars are highly sought after in the hemp industry.

Watch this video on our YouTube Channel: Seed & STEM!

Will explained that their methods for growing hemp aren’t what you’d expect. When we think of hemp farms, we typically think of vast, expansive fields of tall, stringy industrial hemp. Yet, hemp grown for consumption purposes is grown much, much differently.

In fact, Cannaflower is following in the footsteps of the cannabis industry in how they cultivate their products. Much of their products are grown indoors using regenerative techniques to ensure a clean, quality yield that is also environmentally friendly. But they don’t just trust the processes — they rigorously test their plants throughout the entire seed to sale process.

Cannaflower provides laboratory analysis for each of their products, including potency, terpenes, contaminants, and heavy metals.

Why Smoke Low-THC Cannabis?

Many traditional cannabis consumers look at smokable hemp the same way many alcohol drinkers look at non-alcoholic beer. What’s the point?

However, with low-THC cannabis, there are several segments of consumer who I believe might enjoy the lighter version:

· Make Tolerance Breaks Tolerable — Tolerance is a dirty word to the recreational consumer. To combat the body’s ability to build a THC resistance, consumers must take an occasional break to bring their tolerance back down. Low-THC cannabis offers smokers the ability to reduce their tolerance without giving up the cannabis.

· Kick the Nicotine Habit — many people have reported being able to reduce or altogether quit smoking nicotine-based cigarettes using smokable hemp. One thing is for certain, hemp is showing potential for health benefits — cigarettes have no redeeming value whatsoever.

· Functional Effects without the Paranoia — look, not everyone can handle the psychoactive effects produced by the highly potent cannabis strains in the legal cannabis industry. Low-THC cannabis can provide a functional, light effect more conducive to productivity, focus, and clarity.

Is Low-THC Cannabis for You?

Before you run out and buy some, there are a few caveats I feel I need to mention. Although hemp is legal across all of the US and Cannaflower can legally ship their product to all 50 states, it’s up to you to find out how your state feels about the smokable products.

For example, my Iowa friends — you may want to think twice before purchasing smokable hemp products. Unfortunately, your Republican Governor, Kim Reynolds, vision is tainted. Rather than merely decriminalizing small amounts of marijuana and reducing the police’s workload, she opted to criminalize smokable hemp and increase their workload and overcrowd jails. As a serious misdemeanor in Iowa, retailers selling smokable or inhalable hemp products, or consumers caught using them, face up to a year of jail time and a fine of $315-$1,875.

Why? Because roadside tests used by law enforcement in the state can’t tell the difference between low-THC cannabis and the real thing. So rather than adapt to a new industry, Iowa lawmakers choose to criminalize it.

Other states that have enacted some type of smokable hemp ban include:

      • Idaho
      • Indiana
      • Kentucky
      • Louisiana
      • Massachusetts
      • Texas

My Two Cents on Cannaflower

So, I have been on a mission lately to taste and compare smokable hemp, aka low-THC cannabis. As a former budtender and daily cannabis consumer, I feel like I have higher-than-average standards for the products I consume. I have a strong background comparing the various products in the cannabis market, so why not spend a little time evaluating this new segment in hemp?

But first off, I want to thank Cannaflower for sending me samples of their products in exchange for an honest review.

As a writer and content creator, I’m so impressed with Cannaflower’s marketing. From their packaging to their content — this company is on-point, taking smokable hemp to a whole new level with a simple twist in perspective. Calling their products low-THC cannabis, rather than smokable hemp, immediately sets it apart from other companies.

Additionally, the quality of their flower is top-shelf. When I worked as a budtender in Denver, we had several strains of low-THC cannabis we carried on our dispensary’s medical side. Strains like AC/DC and others that naturally produced low THC levels often brought premium prices at $40-$60 an eighth, and this rivals them all for half that price.

I tried several different strains from Cannaflower, including Hawaiian Haze, Lemon Drop, and Sour Space Candy. The first thing I noticed was the aromas of each of the varieties. The nose on the different strains was impressive; these products are obviously terpene-rich.

Smoking them was even better.

The effect of these products is light and mild, especially for seasoned cannabis consumers. However, despite a high tolerance, these products’ effects were calming, clear-headed, and alert. Although I felt relaxed, I didn’t feel sedated, which provided a lovely, productive mood that carried through the morning.

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Getting Organized with the Blazy Susan

You know what I hate? I hate having to look all over the house for something I need. The bong is downstairs, weed is upstairs, and God knows where the hell my lighter went. Concentrates are on the kitchen counter, dab straw is bedside, and the torch is under the...

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Top 6 New Cannabis Products I Tried in 2020

Top 6 New Cannabis Products I Tried in 2020

Few people in the United States are going to look back on 2020 with fond memories. Even if you’ve been spared by COVID, the anxiety surrounding the economic struggles and election chaos has taken a toll on everyone.

Fortunately, living in Colorado, the cannabis industry was quickly deemed essential by the powers that be, and thus, the cannabis industry continued to press forward. But, not only did it continue, it flourished. Five new states legalized cannabis by ballot, and Colorado reported record cannabis sales for 2020.

Since my husband and I are cannabis patients, we were thankful for the essential designation, and since I work as a journalist covering the industry, the work must go on! Here are a few new cannabis products we tried this year and loved!

Top 6 New Cannabis Products I Tried in 2020

Kristina Etter

Kristina Etter



March 2020 Update — this article now only has 5 products. I mentioned a Delta-8 THC product at the end, but have recently retracted my support for these products, so I am no longer supporting ANY D8 product. To learn why I changed my stance read: I Stand Corrected — The Truth about Delta 8 THC

Coda Signature Fruit Notes

Coda Signature has always been one of my favorite cannabis edibles companies. In fact, I rank them the best edible in the state of Colorado. Their chocolates are beyond divine, and I’m a self-proclaimed chocolate snob. Yet, this year… Coda Signature knocked my socks off again… and this time with a new line of gummies.

Fruit Notes by Coda Signature are super soft, fresh fruit gummies with unexpected flavor profiles that absolutely delight your taste buds. They have flavors like Mango & Chile Lime, Cherry & Sasparilla, Pineapple & Jalapeno, and many others. All-natural, gluten-free, and vegan, these are genuinely the guilt-free sweet treat you’ve craving. Available in different THC:CBD ratios, I use the 1:1 combo for a genuinely functional level of relaxation and de-stressing.

Seed & Smith Dart

I stopped using vape pens a couple of years ago. I just couldn’t find one I really liked that didn’t use additives like PG (polypropylene glycol). After watching both of my parents die from lung cancer, I am finicky about the products I put in my lungs. Frankly, few vape pens, pods, or cartridges lived up to my standards. But a few weeks ago, we were introduced to the Seed & Smith Dart.

First, you can’t help but love the little pods that look like Darth Vader’s helmet. They hold 500mg of either a live resin or a THC distillate with reintroduced terps. Now, I typically shy away from distillates because I prefer the healing power of a full-spectrum. However, the distillates were flavorful and didn’t produce any of the typical adverse effects from vape cartridges, like burning throat or nasty chemical flavors.

The battery itself holds a charge for quite some time, and the draw is smooth. Best of all, the discreet little device produces impressive billows of vapor.

I’ve only found a couple of drawbacks so far. First, the pods are not printed with the strain, and they are easy to get mixed up if you get more than one. **I stand corrected. Seed & STEM’s PR rep reached out to me today and low and behold, on the back of the tin container they come in, are two tiny little stickers that you can use to label the cartridge! Amazing!

Secondly, while the shape fits great in your hand, use caution when putting it in a pocket. I lost mine when it accidentally slipped out of my coat pocket, getting into our Jeep.

Wyld Gummies

Relatively new to the game, I sought out Wyld cannabis products in Pueblo simply because their logo is deer antlers. I know, it’s a ridiculous reason… but hey, credit where credit is due. I live in the country, I like deer, and I love these gummies!

Unlike the Coda Signature gummies, these gummies have a soft, creamy texture. These are only available on the recreational side of the market, so dosing is limited to 100mg per package, making them a little pricey for medical patients, but a few times a year, they are a great change of pace.

GPen Connect by Grenco Science

Without question, this is my most favorite product we’ve discovered this year. You can review what I said about the GPen Connect by Grenco Science in an earlier blog, but now, after a year of use, I’d like to provide a few additional comments.

First, we are still on the first coil, and this thing is still running like a champ. The battery seems to be losing a little steam, as it needs to be charged about every other day now, but all in all — this is the best electronic nail I’ve ever used.

One little downside — it wastes product. Unfortunately, the melted product can and does drip through the device like reclaim. This makes it necessary to clean your rig relatively often to clean out the sludge, and it means that the product is lost as it drains through the coil.


So this was an unexpected birthday present I received out of the blue this year. Storage is so incredibly important for cannabis consumers. Left out, cannabis loses terpenes, and cannabinoids can oxidize over time and actually change. Exposed to air and sunlight, THC will convert to CBN, so proper storage is critical unless you want all your flower to be sedative.

The CanLock provides effective, affordable vacuum-tight storage to protect your bud, savor the flavors and the aromas. Available in several patterns and sizes, there’s one to suit nearly everyone’s needs. Keep your buds fresh and the odor concealed with a CanLock.

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Getting Organized with the Blazy Susan

You know what I hate? I hate having to look all over the house for something I need. The bong is downstairs, weed is upstairs, and God knows where the hell my lighter went. Concentrates are on the kitchen counter, dab straw is bedside, and the torch is under the...

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Dr. Dabber Boost EVO

Dr. Dabber Boost EVO

Dr. Dabber Boost EVO


Super Simple Design

My Final Word

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Upgrading the Dab: GPen Delivers a Homerun

Upgrading the Dab: GPen Delivers a Homerun

Upgrading the Dab: GPen Delivers a Homerun

There’s no question, cannabis legalization is creating a flurry of activity in the tech sector. As the acceptance for cannabis consumption continues to increase, many companies are in a race to improve the way we consume cannabis.

Before becoming a freelance cannabis reporter, I spent twenty years working in technology, specifically in mobile technology. For many years, companies like Verizon, AT&T, Blackberry, and Motorola, would send me the first release of their newest device to test and provide feedback. Reviewing technology is second nature to me.

Since entering the cannabis industry in 2016, my love for technology hasn’t waned, and I’ve owned dozens of gadgets for consuming various forms of cannabis. Today, as the Editorial Director for, I’ve transitioned my experience from the tech world into my writing career in the cannabis universe.

Through my experience working in Denver cannabis dispensaries, and as a professional tech-geek, I have tried many gadgets, including wax pens, flower vaping devices, electronic dab straws, and proprietary cartridge systems. And they all have one thing in common — they were cool for about 15 minutes. Right now… ALL of those devices are shoved in the back of a desk drawer somewhere.

All but one. My GPen Connect.

Traditional Dabs

The Problems with Dabbing

Now, let’s be clear here; I am not talking about a silly dance move. Dabbing is a method of cannabis consumption that delivers a highly concentrated dose of cannabinoids quickly and efficiently to the lungs. The concept is similar to vaping, but with a more manual process.

Traditional dabbing methods involve a torch and some kind of smoking device:

· A Bong with a Glass Dab Bucket or Titanium Nail: The dab bucket or nail is heated with a torch until its glowing red, and the cannabis concentrate, such as shatter, wax, or live resin is dropped into the bucket and vaporized.

· A Dab Straw (Nectar Collector): In this case, the smoking device is a glass or titanium straw that is heated with a torch, and “dabbed” into the cannabis concentrate dish while the consumer inhales from the other end.

· E-Nails: A relatively new way to heat your dab bucket or titanium nail, these electric devices plug into an outlet and heat a metal coil, which in turn, heats the bucket or nail.

Obviously, using a torch is often a factor that causes many people to raise an eyebrow. In fact, we once hosted someone who had to leave the room when we did dabs because firing up the torch brought on flashbacks from his past experience as a crack user.

Other drawbacks from traditional methods of dabbing include:

· Very little temperature control can often result in “hot dabs,” which are hard on the lungs and can create unwanted toxins. Some compounds can actually become carcinogens with too much heat.

· Buckets are hard to keep clean, they get charred, can break easily, and will remain hot for several minutes — which can result in accidental burns.

· Often, titanium nails, aren’t titanium at all — inhaling certain metals can be toxic. Titanium also stays hot, increasing the chance of a burn.

· Torches are a fire hazard that can result in disastrous accidents.

· E-nails have a cord that creates a hazard — I have heard of several bongs being yanked off the counter as someone trips over the e-nail cord. I have also heard stories of e-nail burns because they stay hot.

Yet, as I type this, my GPen Connect is charging right beside me. Although I received this new piece of tech more than six months ago, this is the one cannabis device that I still use every single day. It is the only piece of cannabis consumer tech that has truly impressed me in every category.

Simple Design

It comes in four pieces and can be used on any bong or dab rig:

· The Ceramic Compartment — a moderately sized ceramic burner that produces clean, smooth, great-tasting vapor. The compartment screws into the top of the body and has a magnetic lid.

· The body — this segment connects everything together and provides an airflow valve for clearing the chamber.

· The battery — this supercharged, rechargeable battery connects magnetically to the side of the body to power and control the heat settings.

· The Glass Adapter — the adapter comes in multiple sizes to fit any dab rig or bong.

Ease of Use

The GPen Connect is incredibly easy to use. The controls are very similar to most other devices with three temperature settings:

· Five clicks turns the device on and off.

· Click the button three times to switch between low (blue), medium (green), and high (red) temperatures.

· Once you have your temperature selected, load the cannabis concentrate into the ceramic compartment, replace the lid, then press the button twice. The light will flash while it heats the ceramic burner.

· When the light turns solid, inhale.

· When the light shuts off, press the button on the side to allow extra airflow to clear the chamber.

Some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you make a purchase through them, I will earn a commission. Keep in mind that I link these companies and their products because of their quality and not because of the commission I receive from your purchases. The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you. Please see my full disclosure policy here.

Battery Life

Nobody likes an electronic that is complex to use, or always needs to be charged, and this is where I feel the GPen Connect truly excels. After fully charging my GPen, my husband and I were able to use it several times a day for five days before the battery died the first time. I was very impressed with how long it lasted. However, after six months of use, I will admit, we have to charge it about every other day now, so I do feel like the battery life is dwindling a bit. (But it still hits like a champ!)

But the most apparent benefits of the battery are the simple facts that it replaces the torch, and there’s no cord to risk snagging or tripping over!


Cleaning a gunked-up dab rig is tedious, but cleaning gunked-up electronic can be next to impossible. With the GPen Connect, all of the pieces, except for the battery, can be submerged in alcohol, so cleaning is super easy.

Soak in alcohol. Wipe clean with a dry cloth. Allow to dry overnight.

*Pro-tips: Allow the 24 hours for drying time, or your next dab will taste like Everclear. Order two ceramic burners — one to use while the other is drying.

My Final Word

Grenco Science didn’t just hit a home run with this device… they hit the ball out of the park. The GPen Connect solves all the problems associated with doing dabs and provides a safe, consistent dabbing experience every single time.

As a cannabis consumer, a cannabis journalist, and a tech professional — this is the only cannabis gadget I’ve continued to use. With no pun intended, I highly recommend this device to any cannabis consumer who enjoys dabs. The GPen Connect will change your game.

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