Getting Organized with the Blazy Susan

You know what I hate? I hate having to look all over the house for something I need. The bong is downstairs, weed is upstairs, and God knows where the hell my lighter went. Concentrates are on the kitchen counter, dab straw is bedside, and the torch is under the couch. It never fails… UGH! Thanks to the folks over at Blazy Susan – I finally have a place to hold everything I need, all in one place. There’s never any question as to where our tools are… because they’re always on the Blazy Susan!

Disclosure: The products pictured in this video were sent to me by the PR Agency representing Blazy Susan. I do not promise coverage for products, nor do I take any monetary compensation for the content I produce. I choose the products to share based on how well they work for me. I only share the products that I feel are worthy of resharing with my elevated audience.

I am not affiliated with Blazy Susan and do not make any money from the company in any way.

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