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As a forty-something woman, I accept the fact that I am not a stereotypical cannabis consumer. I am looking for more from my cannabis products than just getting high to escape reality, and I don’t want to listen to a random 20-something sell me a product because “it got them sooooo stoned.” I stopped reading (and writing) cannabis strain reviews and descriptions years ago, and because of my involvement in the cannabis industry for the last several years, I am a little more advanced than the Average Joe when it comes to finding the cannabis content I want.

I am not a girlie-girl, I’m a grown-ass woman that has lost interest in the standards girls keep. So, I do not want to read about what varieties of cannabis are best for hooking up. I do not want to read about cannabis manicures or about CBD-infused lip plumpers. I couldn’t care less about what music pairs well with Bubba Kush, I don’t need a dab bucket that cooks slabs of shatter, and I am not interested in using any products that claim to increase libido —I think the world is oversexed and overstimulated as it is.

So, that’s why I created Seed & STEM… real cannabis news for real cannabis women.

I want to know about practical cannabis products that promote safety and responsible consumption. I want to know how people are using cannabis with intent. I want to learn about the science and technology making our industry better and how these innovations impact the end-consumer. As a mature woman, I am interested in cannabis consumption with purpose.

Women & Weed

Women are making waves in cannabis.

As the cannabis industry continues to make advances across the nation, I know that I am not alone. Women everywhere are discovering the benefits of hemp and cannabis, not just for consumption but also for the environment and improving the world we live in. From oils to fuels, clothing to building supplies, medicines, and even foods, hemp is indeed a plant of many uses.

Many women are pioneering incredible solutions in the cannabis industry. Others are taking accountability for their health and wellness, while others find ways to live longer in the face of a terminal illness. These are the stories with substance. These are the stories that change perspectives and end stigmas.

In my role as an editor in the cannabis industry, I have met hundreds of women who are leading the charge to bring new light to cannabis consumption. I want to tell their stories.

Kristina Etter

Kristina Etter

Editor in Chief

Product Reviews

Relatable, Reliable Reviews

No offense, girls, but I don’t want to watch YouTube product reviews that show more of your cleavage than the product. I don’t need scantily clad women in booty shorts and bikini tops selling me products I don’t need, and I definitely don’t want read glowing product reviews paid for by the manufacturer. I want real, unbiased opinions from someone I can trust.

Far too often, people skew their opinions for personal gain. I mean, that’s the whole idea behind celebrity and influencer endorsements, right? Celebrities don’t shoot commercials for free, and influencers don’t mention products for nothin’. However, far too often, opinions are fabricated to make more money.

I won’t do this. In fact, I dropped out of marketing writing because it made me feel ‘icky’ using psychology and emotional manipulation to sell a product. I refuse to endorse a product I haven’t used personally, and I will speak the truth. If I like it, I’ll tell you what I liked. If I don’t like it, I’ll tell you what I didn’t like. But I’ll never sell you a product I don’t personally like and use, and I will disclose all affiliate links that I earn a commission from.

Cannabis News

No Fluff, No BS News You Can Use

If you’re like me, you don’t care whether or not Miley Cyrus is smoking weed or what new CBD product Kim Kardashian is putting in her gift bags. Pop culture is nothing more than brain-numbing fluff designed to keep masses distracted. So, unless Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart announce a secret love-child, I’m really not interested in celebrity news. (Unless of course, Snoop, B-Real, or Tommy Chong come along and want to talk shop.)

On the other hand, I want to know about the politics impacting the cannabis and hemp industries. I want to know about the science and research happening around the world. I want to hear about the companies making a difference in their communities and how cannabis tax dollars are being used around the nation. I want to hear about new products, new processes, new regulations, and new standards.

I want to hear about medical miracles. I want to see how cannabis and hemp are changing our world. I want to hear about the possibilities.

Content for Cutting-Edge Cannabis Consumers

I am a tech-savvy, well-educated, no-bullshit, cannabis-consuming woman. And I am sure there are others like me.

If you’re tired of the same ol’ “Top 10 Reasons You Should be Taking CBD” articles…sick of the bottomless pit of pop culture nonsense… and fed up with fabrications for funding… then pull up your big girl panties and click follow on my new publication, Seed & STEM — no bullshit cannabis news for the more sophisticated consumer.

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